Saturday, October 25, 2008

Change your XP to a Mac

You can simply convert your Win XP look and feel into a mac. And you will feel that you will be working with a Mac PC. Looks awesome. Just download the exe file given below and let it installed to your Windows Xp machine.

Flyakite OSX 3.5 Download Theme

Here are some of my screen shots

Mac Theme - screen shot 1

Mac Theme 2

Mac Theme - screen shot 3

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Google needs to launch a search engine?

I wonder why Google is going to launch their own search engine to compete with Firefox. I have also downloaded and browsed with Google Chrome for a while and I am now back with my favorite Firefox search engine. It was surprising for me initially to see the search engine without a top menu and a status bar at bottom. I felt like it was a copy of Firefox and What I really liked about Chrome was their new tab window with previews of my early visited sites. And that feature is in Opera web browser. There for for me Google Chrome was not better than Firefox. Here is how proffessionals had looked at Google Chrome.

" Google touts Chrome as an open source browser project, which means its main competitor seems to be Firefox and not Internet Explorer. The browser rendering engine was developed with the help of WebKit. Chrome is up and running after a painless download and install. "

"Google launched the first beta version of its Chrome Web browser on Tuesday after two years of development. Only the Microsoft Windows version has been released, but Google promised Mac and Linux versions would soon follow. TechRepublic immediately started kicking the tires and has put together a photo gallery and a quick list of the five best new features you’ll find in Google Chrome."

to read more about them visit the following links

What does Google Chrome offer developers?

The Five best new browser features in Google Chrome

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watch online TV and Radio in Srilanka

I was little late to post these links to you all. you can watch your favourite Srilankan television channels and listen to srilankan radio channels using following linkes, - Online TV, Radio

you can watch your most favourite srilankan tv channels like Swarnavahini, Rupavahini, ITN, and also Sirasa TV completely free here, with high quality , video resolutions, And you can also listen to following radio channels online - Lakhanda, Neth FM, Siyatha FM, Asura FM, Y FM, Sinhalaya FM and Sirasa FM - Online Radio - Listen to your favourite channels

This site contains 35 srilankan radio channels, but some of them are not working

Have a look at these sites they are simply wonderful, now you don’t need to leave your computer to listen to news or to watch your favourite channel, simply open it on a seperate tab in your Mozilla Firefox browser, Regardz

Send Free SMS in Srilanka - Tigo, Mobitel, Dialog

The reason I write this post beacause of the following incident. I wanted to send an SMS to a Tigo mobile number one day but I did not have any credit in my phone or nor money to put a reload. I was searching a site to send a free SMS and only found sites that could send SMS to Mobitel. Or I forget to tell that I have a Mobitel sim. I was helplesss. I went to to send an SMS, shit it had to confirm by other party to recieve an SMS. Coz my partner also did not have credit, what shall I do. I searched all over the internet. I found nothing to send a simple sms free to Tigo with my Mobitel number. Then I asked my friend Danesh , about this. coz he has a Tigo sim and also I knew he has much experience in blogging. Then he gave me a nice site to send my SMS, I just wanted to share it with you all. Most of the sites you might already know might be as follows. They all does not give the flexiblility or does not cover all mobile networks in Srilanka. - Dialog, Tigo, Mobitel - But you have to send a request to other party before you send SMS, then you need to wait until he accept it, and also you cannot use your real phone number. And clearly very slow site almost impossible if your internet connection is slow. But useful once accepted, not for emergency. 143 character limit - similar to wow. headache but faster than wow. 120 character limit - This is a nice site to send an SMS at an emergency. But only to Mobitel. You don’t need to register. use this if you send sms to mobitel. But not from your mobile number - 144 character limit. - 120 character limit. - NO character limit same as other - you can send free SMS to Dialog, Mobitel once typed the random text. But not from your mobile number. - 120 character limit - Do NOT USE THIS, you might face privacy issues. not sure any one can see your phone number it is saved in a text file called ‘mulpi_tuwa_s_m_s.txt’. my number also I found saved there, after my try. I recommend you to NOT try. And my SMS also did not send successfully. Once I download the text file it was around 2.22MB imagine how many phone numbers in a simple text file.

But the best site I recomend you is the one Danesh given me. It’s - you have to register here. But its not slow as WOW or it does not need to send pending acceptance requests. Registration only takes 2 mins at most. coz I used for an emmergency after fed up with wow. The problem is 90 character limit. But you can register your phone number free and without any cost of money, it will appear as sending from your number to the other party.

Hope this information would helpful for some one trying to send free SMS in SriLanka